Highly scalable and cost-effective backup

For data backup targets, usually you deploy better performance but expensive disk-based solutions, or tape which is affordable yet slow. In any big data or capacity-intensive environments, the problems multiply. As you add more capacity, you investment in disk solutions become increasingly higher. And with tape, the whole process is tedious as manual attention is required to ensure that SLAs are aligned. Cloudian offers a faster, simpler and cost-effective backup target which is good alternative to customers.

The solution to Big Data storage challenges

With Big Data analytics, it delivers insights to businesses. The bigger the dataset, the analyses become more fruitful. However, with large storage capacity equates to large challenges: investments, scalability, and data protection. To successfully derive insight from data, you need more affordable and highly-scalable storage that is both simple and reliable, equally compatible with the engine you have.

Ideal storage for media

The broadcast and media industries need large repository to store their digital assets. While “nearline” disk storage solutions are often the preferred choice of repository for broadcasters, advertising agencies, and post-production companies, new formats, such as 4K, 360 degree and 60 frame video impose new storage challenges. As storage requirements grow exponentially, traditional disk solutions will be insufficient to scale and too pricey to meet customer’s expectations.

One single unbounded scalable storage pool

Though public cloud storage provides simplicity and scalability, but there are still some sensitive date that most organizations need to keep on-site for performance or data governance purposes. At such, Cloudian provides a hybrid cloud with S3 object storage in your data center.

Archive solutions for on-premises data

Google Coldline and Cloudian HyperStore provide an affordable solution for infrequently accessed data. Cloudian on-premises storage together with Google’s archival service to provide customer an sustainable long-term storage. Google Coldline is more cost-efficient compare to Google Nearline for rarely accessed information.

Cloudian HyperStore seamlessly integrates with Cloudline to allow customer to scale from TBs to PBs of on-premise storage. Policy-based migration lets you move files based on criteria such as age, frequency of access, file type etc.

Private Cloud Storage

Deploy Cloudian HyperStore S3 storage in your own data center and build your own private cloud S3 storage service. With multi-tenancy features, Cloudian allows multiple users or applications to share a single cluster while ensuring complete data isolation. You can establish your policies on usage quotas, security, and backups—and ensure SLA commitments with powerful Quality of Service (QOS) tools.

Cloudian immediately let you perform all of the functions of a Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) provider within your own organisation, including metering and chargeback.

Cost-effective, scalable reliable

Cloud services and enterprise requirements are shaping the STaaS rapidly. Key requirements such as scalability, security, redundancy, and multi-tenancy are priority. SMBs seek to start small, and pay as they grow and service providers need cost-effective solutions with scalability, ease of management, and embedded data protection to enter the market.

Cloudian Hyperstore is the resolution to all these driving needs with the industry’s simplest solution in petabyte-scalable storage.

NubeTech Saves 70% on Storage Cost

Compared with conventional storage, NubeTech saves up to 70% with an efficient architecture and industry standard components

30% Less Power/Space/Cooling

Integrated data compression, erasure coding and high density packaging reduce footprint.

66% Less CapEx

Industry standard hardware and modular architecture saves you 66% versus conventional storage.

Up to 95% Less Management Overhead

NubeTech consolidates data to a single management environment, regardless of the capacity. Integrated cloud lets you manage on-prem and cloud storage as one.