Introducing the new standard for data management

Build Your Own Cloud Storage in Your Data Center

Bring the benefits of public cloud to your premises

Tired of handling your unstructured data explosion. Cloudian HyperStore let you start as small as 10TB and grow to 100s of petabytes simply by adding nodes. With 100% native S3 API, Cloudian HyperStore object storage saves time to market, saves total cost of ownership, and let you manage all your critical data.

Product Features

The best comprehensive feature set in its class.

Advanced system and data management features give you full control. Cloudian HyperStore offers incredible capabilities that enhance interoperability, data robustness, and operational efficiency.

100% NATIVE S3

The industry’s highest S3 compliance ensures total investment protection.


Select data protection with the level of redundancy you choose.


Securely accommodate multiple users with isolated storage domains.


Minimise storage footprint with your choice of data compression.


Manage your SLAs with Cloudian’s embedded QoS capability.


Ensure security for data at rest with built in encryption.


Select the metrics you want to manage all your chargebacks.


Cloudian consolidates object storage and backup/archival file storage all in one pool.

Deployment Options

Deployment options such as on-premises storage, distributed storage, or storage as a service.
Hybrid Cloud
Storage as a Service

Use Cases

Resolve all your storage challenges.

Cloudian overcome big storage challenges with innovative design and the most highly interoperable object storage interface. Highly compatible with hundreds of S3 applications already deployed in backup & archive, media and entertainment (M&E), Big Data analytics, and more.

Configuration Options

Appliances, or Software (perpetual or subscription).

Cloudian HyperStore Appliance

Cloudian HyperStore appliances makes deployment easy and you can select models from compact 1U appliances to big-capacity modular systems.


  • Fully-supported appliance
  • Range of capacities starting with compact 1U models
  • Hardware and software support services available

Cloudian HyperStore Software

Install Cloudian HyperStore software on the standard X86 servers or virtual machines and you get all the functionality and scalability of Cloudian HyperStore object storage which save tremendous cost by leveraging the existing servers and storage you own.

  • Runs on industry-standard servers
  • Licensed by capacity, so pay-as-you-grow
  • Full functionality of Nubetech HyperStore

Cloudian HyperStore Metered-by-Use

Get started with object storage and pay nothing upfront. Simply download Cloudian HyperStore software from the Amazon Marketplace and deploy on the servers and storage you choose.

Monthly billing from Amazon is based on your capacity in use. No new vendors to onboard, and zero upfront cost.

  • Zero upfront cost
  • No new vendors to onboard
  • Pay only for the capacity you use
  • Full functionality of CloudianHyperStore

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