Configuration Options

Choose what works for your organisations. Software? Perpetual or subscription? Appliance?

Cloudian offers the most options of any S3 object storage vendor.

Three great configuration options. Same feature-rich HyperStore.

Fully integrated Cloudian HyperStore appliances for fast deployment and turnkey projects


Install Cloudian HyperStore software on your commodity X86 servers regardless of brand and make.

Metered by Use

Download Cloudian HyperStore from the Amazon Marketplace and install on your standard servers.


Cloudian HyperStore appliances (HSA1500 1U or HSA4000 4U) can be configured in multi-node clusters to meet storage needs from 144TB to PBs.

HyperStore 1500: a fully converged 1U appliance, with raw capacities from 48 to 120TB.

HyperStore 4000: Ultra-dense 4U appliance. Capacity options of  560 and 700TB. Functions as two independent nodes for faster performance and robust data protection.

Scale-out design

Scale up with any Cloudian solution using either the HyperStore 1500 and 4000 appliances, to address today’s exploding storage growth, with sound investment protection.


Install Cloudian HyperStore on your preferred choice of any X86 servers. Deploy your enterprise class 100% S3 native API object storage for any growing environment.

Amazon Metered by Use

Download Cloudian HyperStore from the Amazon Marketplace and install in your data center on any brand of machine of your choice. As HyperStore is built on a 100% native S3 API, it’s S3-guaranteed fully compatible on all applications that support Amazon S3 storage.

The easiest and cost-effective choice to a hybrid S3 storage. Monthly subscription, metered by the capacity consumed and the charges come from one single Amazon bill.

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