Amazon Metered by Use

On-premises storage, policy-based migration to Amazon S3

Zero upfront cost, one Amazon invoice

Cloudian HyperStore software from the Amazon Marketplace offers an easy path to a hybrid cloud. There’s no upfront cost. You pay only for the capacity you use, and billing appears along with your other Amazon charges. No new vendors to onboard and nothing to buy.

Simply install Cloudian HyperStore on the server of your choice. 

With Cloudian HyperStore, you have petabyte-scalable, Amazon S3-compatible storage in your data center. You store data locally, and employ policies to migrate selected data to Amazon S3.

Retain some data on-premises for performance or data governance compliance. Migrate the rest to the public cloud according to rules such as frequency of use, age, file size, file type, and more. You get limitless capacity and the convenience of on-premises storage.

For the data that’s migrated, Cloudian retains a metadata copy locally. So you can search all of your data in an instant — both the local data and the data in the cloud.

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