Object storage solutions for your applications

Solve your biggest capacity storage challenges

Nubetech makes object storage easy to use in all environments that employ S3 storage. Deploy Nubetech in your data center, across sites, or as a hybrid cloud. Our 100% native S3 API ensures interoperability with the applications you have now and those you’re developing.

Hybrid Cloud

Manage cloud storage and on-premises storage as a single, limitlessly scalable pool. Run S3-enabled applications in your data center and employ rules to determine what data remains on premises and what is migrated to the cloud.

Media & Entertainment

HyperStore was designed to handle the massive quantities of data generated by high resolution media, so it provides a cost-effective and fast storage solution for 4k workflows.

Backup & Archive

Deploy backup solutions from Veritas, Commvault, Rubrik, and others, and designate Cloudian S3 storage as the backup target. You get cost-effective disk capacity that scales without limits.

Storage as a Service

Easily manage a multi-tenanted StaaS platform, with billing and QoS built in. Scale storage to hundreds of petabytes to accommodate growing demand.

Private Cloud

HyperStore brings the efficiency and convenience of cloud storage behind your firewall. In this multi-tenanted environment, you can start small and scale transparently.


We integrated Hadoop with the help of Hortonworks, so you can analyze your data right in the object-based platform, and take advantage of smart metadata tags.

Amazon Metered by Use

Deploy petabyte-scalable object storage software and pay only for the capacity you use. Cloudian HyperStore is available now on the Amazon Marketplace as a metered by use product.

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